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Sri Lanka: UNHRC Resolution 30/1 - Implementation Monitor 2023
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Debt Update
Analysis on Sri Lanka's path to resolving its economic crisis since suspending debt repayment in April 2022
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Verité Research Sri Lanka Economic Policy Group
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Sri Lanka : Resolution 30/1 Implementation Monitor 2023



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Our research and analysis are relied on by a wide range of organisations, policymakers and even governments due to our meticulous approach and impartiality.


Interdiscplinary approach

Our economics, politics, media and law teams cross pollinate each other to collaboratively offer clients, policymakers and the wider public world class research.


Impactful narratives

Presenting policy recommendations and analysis through compelling and digestible narratives have led to changes in national policy and economic strategy.

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The IMF Tracker

IMF Tracker: an interactive dashboard that tracks the status of commitments for Sri Lanka's latest IMF Programme

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Do Women work more than men ?

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We are on the lookout for individuals passionate about making a difference. If you want to be part of the solution for Sri Lanka’s future, have a high intellectual capability and a strong work ethic, we invite you to consider joining Verité Research.
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