About Us

Verité Research, as the name implies, is an independent think tank with research at its core. We carry out this research along four areas – economics, politics, media, and law. Leveraging this research, we provide strategic analysis and advice to governments, organisations, and the private sector in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Our Story

The story of Verité Research began in 2010, soon after the conclusion of Sri Lanka’s 27-year civil war. The vision: to provide guidance to post-war Sri Lanka’s economic recovery and growth through research, analysis and reasoning.


Back then, we were a small unit focused on media research, with a few researchers led by its executive director Dr. Nishan de Mel. The research areas have subsequently expanded – along with the team – to include economics, politics, and law, lending Verité Research a distinct interdisciplinary approach.


Today, Verité Research stands as the leading think tank in Sri Lanka – a source of evidence-based, analytically crafted, practical solutions designed to help the nation emerge from its economic crisis.

Success and Impact

Over the years, Verité Research’s uncompromising commitment to evidence-based research has put it at variance with successive governments – sometimes publicly. On many of these occasions, belated acceptance of our assertions and recommendations have vindicated our research.

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What we are doing?

Verité Research is a private think tank that provides strategic analysis for Asia. Its main research divisions are economics, politics, law and media.

Trusted Research

Our research and analysis are relied on by a wide range of organisations, policymakers and even governments due to our meticulous approach and impartiality.

Interdiscplinary approach

Our economics, politics, media and law teams cross pollinate each other to collaboratively offer clients, policymakers and the wider public world class research.

Impactful narratives

Presenting policy recommendations and analysis through compelling and digestible narratives have led to changes in national policy and economic strategy.

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